November 15, 2016

Something Different

Last week Abigail and I had the opportunity to take an art class together.  It was put on through our Homeschool program.  It was given by a lady who teaches art classes here in town and going into the class I had not idea what to expect.  Ethan and Naomi were able to spend a hour with daddy so it was just my girl and I.
What a fun hour we had.  The teacher taught us the art of abstract cubism, not what I expected at all.  Abigail loved it.  I enjoyed the time with Abigail being taught together.  We laughed, giggled, mixed paint, drew shapes and admired each other's work.  Everyone in the class drew an abstract dog, everyone turned out different.

What a fun class it was and a memory that still makes us both smile days later!


Popeye said...

Sure looks like a class in Picasso.

mother said...

Those would both be very acceptable on the wall of a contemporary art museum. Well done!!

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