November 29, 2016

Our Feast

Part of cabin dwelling with little people is keeping a steady balance of self entertainment and provided activities to keep the peace in a tight space.
 Since this trip was our Thanksgiving holiday I tried to have us focus on what we were thankful for and giving back.
 In this case we were giving back to the animals of the Alaska Range.
 Part of the feast we made were cheerios on pipe cleaners and orange peels lined with peanut butter and bird seeds.
 There wer no trees close to the cabin but we covered the bushes with our treats and treasures.  It was too cold for much animal activity while we were there but the kids were excited for a warm day when the animals come out and discover their treats.
 The day after thanksgiving we popped some popcorn on the little wood stove and had an honest attempt at making popcorn chains.  Naomi gave one or two a valiant effort.
Abigail actually filled about a 1/3rd of her string and Ethan, he enjoyed the snack immensely!  Taking care of those around us in ways that we can.  Something we all enjoy doing and the efforts fill the days and the hearts with happiness.  

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Nick Meurlott said...

Love this! Those birds will be pleased.

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