November 11, 2016

Not What I Intended

The other day I threw out the wood stove ashes, came in to start a new fire.  Then I taught Abigail school, played with my other two, washed and hung a load of laundry and headed to the kitchen to start preparing lunch.  All about 3 1/2 hours after stepping outside I noticed something out of the corner of my eye.  Smoke billowing from outside.  A step closer to the window and I saw flames coming out of our brush pile.  
I quickly ran down, dressed the kids in their snow gear (all the while Naomi is running in circles screaming, "there's a bon, there's a bon" after she heard me tell them to dress quickly to go take care of the bonfire.)  We all headed outside to keep our eye on the not intended project for the day.  

Josh is smart when he makes the brush piles we accumulate each year from brush, branches and constant yard clean up.  These piles are stacked and far from the house and other brush.  So as the fire burned it cleaned up this year's pile and I was able to work on moving the unburned items from the edge into the middle.  We had a few other small piles here and there in the yard that we moved into place and project Klynstra clean up commenced.  

I am so careful every time I clean out the wood stove and empty ashes.  The day's elements were not on my side.  Luckily the snow in the yard, pile was stacked just right, and we had plenty of daylight to monitor and clean up the pile as needed.

Usually we burn our brush piles in the dead of winter at -20 or colder.  This year we were just a little earlier.  Not what I intended to do that day but we are all happy it is done!


Popeye said...

I would put ashes in the garden--good pot ash added to soil--glad all are safe

mother said...

There's a bon! Hahaha

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