November 30, 2016

Moving Into Christmas

In this house there is still not one piece of christmas decoration out.  You see Abigail's birthday is next week and well, that holiday must come first before it is overtaken with Christmas.  But the mind set is there and Josh and I have been tucking things aside for the holidays here and there.  One of the main gifts Josh and I decided to get the kids this year were new sleeping pads.  We have started camping and cabin dwelling enough that just a fleece blanket to lay on isn't fun for anyone.
 Even though it was a month early it seemed silly to us to not give the kids their gifts that they could be using at this cabin.  So we wrapped them up, brought them with us and presented them to the kids there where they could use their new gifts.
Honestly I wasn't exactly sure how the kids would react.  It is a sleeping pad after all, not a toy or activity.  But the kids didn't disappoint.  They were SO very excited.  They talked about them the whole trip, exclaimed how well they slept each morning and thanked us over and over.
A good choice for this little family that loves to go on adventures! 

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