November 23, 2016

History of Thanksgiving

Last week and this week we have been learning about the history of Thanksgiving.  Honestly the whole "teach a large historic event that became a national holiday" thing can be intense when you want to do it right and break it down to a 5 year old, and under, crowd.  
 We started by watching Charlie Brown's thanksgiving together and then took special days to learn more.  One day we learned about the Mayflower - where it came from, where it went and who it carried.  Then we took a look at the pilgrims - their reason for coming to America, their hardships, their work, and their outcome.  At the end of last week we rounded the study out with the Indians - who they were, why they were nice, what they taught the pilgrims and when did the first thanksgiving actually occur.
 This week I had a middle of the night thought regarding what else we could look at this week.  Abigail and I used the small foam "logs" Josh gets from work (the test tube slots that are removed from foam blocks for shipping test tubes to labs for sampling) and built a log cabin like the pilgrims might have made.
It was fun to watch Abigail work through all we had talked about last week.  In the end we had a cabin, an outhouse, a pine tree, garden with corn, squash/pumpkins and beans (thanks popeye for reminding us of the three sisters) and a wild turkey running in the yard.  I am not a big crafty mom.  Josh does most of the art and that is really a lot of painting and drawing.  It was fun this past few lessons to be reminded that cutting, gluing and crafting together with my big kindergartener is not always necessary but always fun!  Abigail is much more agreeable about math and reading when a craft is part of the lesson as well!  Learning about Thanksgiving - hands on makes the memories last longer.

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lindajo said...

Great way to teach. The hands on projects make it fun. I think, it also helps them to remember things better. That right brain, left brain thing!

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