November 3, 2016

Fighting Back Against The Odds

I heard someone say something so sad the other day that I can't get it off my mind.  They said, "as we grow you find yourself and your friends graduating college around the same time then getting married and then having kids.  Now we are at the stage where all our friends are getting divorced." 

I struggled with this statement for days.  When I mentioned it to Josh he lucky reminded me that we are surrounded by friends Not getting divorced but the sadness was still there in my mind.  The realization that in our mid-thirties and 10 1/2 years into marriage we are become more of the special cases then the normal.  How is that possible?  

I am so happy to say that Josh and I have a strong marriage and one that we both feel grows as each year goes on.  But this marriage, it is a serious thing that we each don't take lightly.  So even amongst the crazy world of being parents, work, bills, homeschool and being part of our community we commit to each other first and foremost.  
Home date nights are become essential to our marriage, connecting and communication.  The kids get tucked into bed and dinner just the two of us, or a card game, are put on the table.  Time to reconnect and remember, we are in this for the long haul and no matter what is ahead, we can do it together.  

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Mother said...

Very wise. Never get casual but remind yourself each day that your marriage is important. Fear of conflict and casual indifference are enemies of marriage. I'm so glad you are consciously making your relationship a priority. Cover all with prayer.

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