November 10, 2016

A Matter Of Opinion

Alaska Airlines had a "paint the plane" contest last month.  A little challenge to the kids to say what Alaska means to them, through pictures, and the top pictures picked would be painted onto a 2017 cargo plane.
 Those allowed to participate had to be in Kindergarten up to age 18 but I gave all three kids forms and they felt so important.  I had them each put their drawings first onto a blank practice sheet and then transfix them onto the contest form.  
The results (The above images are Abigail's final draft): 

Question #1 - If Alaska were an animal it would be.
Abigail:  A lynx 
Ethan:  A Bear

Question #2 - My favorite think to do in Alaska is.
Abigail:  Make snow angels
Ethan:  Go swimming
(You have to realize how much this was a test of motherhood not to change or manipulate their answers.  Swimming Ethan?  Besides going in one pond and a river twice he has almost never gone swimming outside in Alaska.  But that was his answer!)

Question #3 - When I dream of Alaska, I see.
Ethan:  A whale
Abigail:  My grandpa shooting a moose.

Yeah, pretty much I am sure we won't be declaring any grand winners of the contest from our house.  The kids were so proud of their answers, and drawings, and I just wanted to put my head in my hand and laugh or cry.  Wasn't really sure which.  All the wonderful camping, berry picking, hiking and living we do in Alaska.  Hunting for a moose Abigail?  My girl loves her Grandpa that is for sure but I am pretty positive Alaska Airlines isn't going to paint a hunting image onto their airplane.  As realistic as it is for most people in Alaska.  
Ethan's contest form.  

The kids were so proud.  Better luck to us all next time.  

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