October 17, 2016

The Season

Right now I am in a season of hard.  I have been sick to slightly sick for over a month.  The weather has turned cold, enough for snow gear but no actual snow to enjoy.  The day to day activities have moved inside.  My kids are busy taking turns being sick.  School is going well but no matter the field trips and fun sometimes my girl just don't WANT to do school and well, it has begun.  Ethan acted out yesterday when he was out of my care and why is it siblings fight?  
How I love these kids and how gray tomorrow looks at the moment.  This is a season, I know.  When a mama is down the kids get down and well, Daddy working overtime and busy on the job right now doesn't help a ton.  Josh was able to be home a few mid-day hours on Sat. and Sunday and we actually sat on the couch and had a conversation for the first time in what felt like weeks.  A conversation that was more then the laundry list of what you HAVE to know to keep this family going.  But sampling should wrap up for him soon.  Something new will be discovered in school that makes us smile.  Antibiotics will kick in and my sleepless little one will start to be rested and well.  Snow will come and with it the outside world will be interesting once again.

But for today, here we are.  Just getting through another season.  Not very blog worth but honest.  Today, that is the best I can do.


mother said...

A happy picture for a not so happy blogpost. Being ill and rundown sure colors our perspective of things. Maybe challenge the littles to join you in making a list of all you are thankful for (no worry about swelling or grammar) or perhaps stand on the table and belt out Annie's song, "The sun'll come out tomorrow!"
As always, I wish I could drive in and load the kids in my car and bring them to Grandma's house for a few hours while you have a cup of tea and rest. Ahhhhhh.....

Anonymous said...

I love the honest balance to your blog and I also know that the days have already been better since you wrote that.
Hugs and kisses to you

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