October 19, 2016

Tastes of Summer Go On

The weather here is cold.  Majority of our days, and all of our nights, are below freezing.  The river has floating ice and yesterday I saw kids ice skating.  The funny thing is we don't have snow.  Instead we have super dry air.  So dry in fact that I read Juneau, Alaska has beaten out Fairbanks for having snow first in over 70 years.  

And with the lack of snow comes the kids question of is it fall or is it winter?  The temperatures certainly mean hats, gloves, boots and coats but to Ethan he isn't convinced.  If there is no snow on the ground then running free in a summer fleece is all he needs.  I do believe I need to hide that coat!
But regardless of the weather outside, and the fact that we haven't had a garden in over a month, we are still eating fresh inside.  Most meals at our house are accompanied by beets and carrots cooked slowly all day in the crock pot.  And no matter how many times I put this dish on the table I love to hear the kids exclaim, "Yeah, we love beets."  No matter the weather, that makes me feel like a pretty happy mama indeed.  Soon our fresh food stash will be gone and we will dig into the set aside freezer and canned goods but for now, this keeps summer going inside a little bit longer.


mother said...

And such pretty and super healthy root veggies they are. Those colors fill each plate with happiness. Thanks, Maggie.

Anonymous said...

You beets are huge... makes me mad to think of my beet duds from my garden this year. I should really follow the planting instructions more closely.
Love you

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