October 11, 2016

Super Kids

Years ago I sewed a super cape for my niece, then a couple years later my nephew.  Lucky for me all those years ago I was just getting into sewing and bought way too much fabric for that one, then second, cape.  This perfect weight for flowing and hanging fabric lives on.  Four years ago Abigail got her super Abigail cape.  Then two years ago it was Ethan's turn.
The kids wear these capes quite frequently.  I love it.  In other capes they are spiderman, batman or such.  But these mama made caps make them into Super Abigail and Super Ethan.  Naomi loves to play along and loves to call herself Super Naomi but at the same time she is trying to borrow one of the other kids caps to do this.  Ahh, that third child - someone is being left out problem.
The other day the super powers were in full force and surprisingly I didn't have a million things on my plate.  I stopped, pulled out that pile of well used fabric and took inventory.  But alas, those completely overly large fabric pieces of 9 years ago had gotten small.  I was going to have to work a little magic for our Naomi.  I am always thankful for my serger but it is times like this that it saves the day.  Not enough fabric for one cape, I can piece two pieces together and make this work.
Like most two year olds Noami isn't too sure of her cape.  She still prefers to wear Ethan or Abigail's but it is slowly growing on her.  Being super is pretty hard work, it is good to be outfitted in just the right things to make super turn out to be super wonderful.

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Mother said...

Her stance shows that Super Naomi is ready to give!

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