October 28, 2016

Pumpkin Harvest

Last night was pumpkin night at the Klynstra house.  At the end of our garden season we had 6 pumpkins ripening in our windows.  By last night only one had a bad spot to cut out.
 So this year we had three for the kids to carve and three to clean, cut and roast for winter baking and enjoying.  Josh helped by doing the gut removal from the three for cooking.
 And the kids dug into their assigned pumpkins.  Last year my friend told me of the idea that instead of cutting the top off the pumpkins, you cut the bottom off and then just set them over the candle.  Since these three pumpkins grew a little funny, and thus had knobs at the bottoms, this was the year to try out the cut the bottom method. 
 The kids cleaned, the kids came up with their face designed and the kids carved.  (The big reveal will come on Halloween)  It was a fun time.
And in the kitchen the work goes on.  6 pans of pumpkin has been roasted and one pie and four loaves of pumpkin goodness have been made.  Here is to a winter of pumpkin goods ahead of us.

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Mother said...

Pumpkins smell wonderful 3 times--when cut fresh and scooped out, when baked into pies and when burning from the candles inside. The kids seem so independent and focused on task at hand this year. That idea of cutting off the bottom is a smart idea--as long as the dandle still burns the lid. haha

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