October 6, 2016

One On One

Last week Josh drove to Soldtona to visit his parents for a few days.  He took Ethan and Abigail with him.  That left me home with just one child, something that hasn't happened in four years since Ethan was born.
This girl and I had a few great days.  She could "help" me cook with no fighting over who could lick the spoon.
She took a long nap the first day and even went out to Women's dinner with me that night.  We brought the "golden snitch" cake pops for the Harry potter themed dinner.
She enjoyed a lot of water exploration those few days.  Something about one child making a mess is so much more manageable then three kids making a mess.
All meals of the day were really simple.  No fighting conversation and simple meals that one particular child likes.  
And while most of the family was gone I reorganized summer clothes to winter, completely changed up the school room and moved the basement around as well.  Naomi was my happy and constant companion.  When we were changing the clothes around she found my bra and was so excited to create a baby carrier for Laura out of it.  

How wonderful it was to see that white truck pull back into the driveway and to have our family complete.  But those few days were special.  One-on-one time, always a good thing for mamas and children a like.

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