October 21, 2016


We are so in love with our school room/guest room/toy room, and of late, dance room.  The little cd player was originally purchased for the use of Abigail listening to audio books while she practices her handwriting.  She loves this time and it helps her focus so much better on what is in front of her.  (Aka a lot less doodling).  Recently I introduced the kids to the music cds at the library.  Thankfully they moved them from the adult cd section right to the children's room.  Each week when we go to pick up books the kids now get to also pick up music.  Disney, kids rhymes, old dance tunes (YMCA has suddenly become popular to my three), and more fills this house at all hours.  

School desk pushed aside, guest bed tucked up in the murphy bed our of the way and toy stored.  This room is just what we need for the long winter days ahead.


Mother said...

Yay for music that lifts our spirits and moves our bodies!!! Ethan reminds me of the old break dancers of years gone by.

Anonymous said...

Way to use the space you have so efficiently. I love how you roll girl!


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