October 7, 2016

Learning To Give

One program the kids and I like to be involved in is the backpacks for foster kids.
We fill a backpack with clothes, games, toys, books, crayons, hair brushes, toothpaste, shampoo and a pillowcase.  All the things that a child going into a new home might need and then take with them on their journey.  Each of my kids help me to fill a bag appropriate to the age that they are, thus relating a little bit to the child in need.  This is our second year in giving bags and the kids are really getting into it.  The part that stood out this year is the conversation we had before the delivery.
Teaching the kids what a foster child is and why they have been taken from their home is hard for this age to understand.  As gentle as I can I explain that some mommy and daddies can't take care of the kids so the kids are taken away to live somewhere else.  Abigail turns to me and in a shocked voice says, "you mean we pack backpacks for kids who have been kidnapped?"  

So understanding might not be there completely.  Hopefully the lesson of generosity is at least being learned.

1 comment:

Mother said...

These efforts at generosity and care for others is not to be forgotten. What a great lesson. And Abigail's response is just precious! Those are nice looking backpacks.

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