October 25, 2016

Important Decisions

As much as I, as an adult, might not like Halloween these kids love it.  And the decision of what these kids get to be is a big one they take very seriously.
 Last year Abigail knew for 5 months that she wanted to be strawberry shortcake.  Thus I invested in a costume for her.  But this year, the decisions aren't that easy or defined and thus the kids get to choose from their dress up drawer.  And before you feel sorry that I don't go out and buy my kids costumes, know that my kids have a very, very full and fun dress up drawer.
 And the ideas coming out of their drawer are so fun.  Ethan is pretty sure he wants to be spiderman (third year in a row, he loves it!).  But a fireman spiderman could work since hey, Halloween means you an be anything right!
The girls, they are having a harder time with their decisions.  So far Abigail is going between the tooth fairy and wonder woman, but little red riding hood is still in the running.  Naomi, she is a wild card.  Mostly declaring she is going to be super Naomi but a fire girl, spiderman, or many more possibilities.  One thing she is sure is that she doesn't want to be a princess, ballerina or barbie.  All of these statements make me laugh and drive Abigail crazy.  Two sisters who love each other but can be very different indeed.  With an Awana carnival tonight, mooseketeer party Friday and then Halloween next Monday the decisions are STILL being made.  The end result should be fun.


Anonymous said...

That is so fun!!!

lindajo said...

But with three parties they can be three things!

Mother said...

You have a great big drawer but grew up with the infamous Halloween suitcase. It was rag tag and the costumes inside were simply a conglomeration of odds and ends ( and in much disrepair, if you recall.) It was second generation hand me downs by the time it was in our closet. Yet--the joy and excitement it brought every Oct was just amazing!! Crumpled masks, dented hats, old capes, etc. We added to it and repaired and voila! a costume fit to go beg for candy. It was also fun for me every year. Challenged my creativity, for sure. Have fun with your little super-fire-red-spider-fairy children. I know you will!!


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