October 13, 2016

His Space

Since all three kids share a room I try and find ways to give them special places in the house just for them.  Nooks here and there.  Years ago Abigail got her special place, the closet of the guest room.  Ethan was given a special box on the toy shelf full of just his things.  But I have been looking and looking for a place to give him.  
For his 4th birthday we gave him a work bench.  Josh then cleaned out the area by the wood stove.  The gate to the wood stove keeps out unwanted sisters, when he wants, and gives him a place to go and work on his tools, just like daddy.  It isn't a room of his own but this little place has become Ethan's special place and he is very pleased indeed.  (Since by the wood stove shirts are optional for him, like daddy.  Their work location has a issue with overheating in the winter months;-)


Popeye said...

Must be warm there--no shirt means less laundry. Ha Ha

mother said...

What is Naomi and Wilbur doing in his private place? I assume he invited her.

Anonymous said...

So cute- great idea for a location. I doubt that location has no pull on Abigail either so that helps. I second mother's question of how Naomi got in there!!


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