October 5, 2016

Hanging On

A couple weeks ago Abigail had a friend who's birthday party was at a local climbing wall gym.  Now there is a climbing wall in our basement and one at our children's museum but those are pretty basic.  This was going to be her first time in climbing shoes, taller walls (but no harnesses, this is more of a bouldering location), and lots of holds to choose from.
I was at this party with a lot of 5 year old mothers that were all a little besides themselves watching their kids on the wall.  But our Abigail, she didn't disappoint.  This girl is her father's daughter for sure; 1/2 monkey.
And after a hour or so her little arms and legs couldn't take anymore.  What a fun thing this was for her and just something that she and Josh can enjoy together this winter.  We will see but one thing is for sure, this girl is brave and strong!

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