October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016

Halloween, it has arrived.   
 Last Tuesday I left the house with with wonder woman, spiderman and super Naomi.
 Friday came and I found myself with a gymnast, a train engineer and a "Naomi in a dress".  (How she described herself when people asked just who she was)
It has been an exciting week for the kids.  Carnivals and parties to enjoy.  Today they get to dress up and go to a puppet show story hour at the library.  Just who will I be leaving the house with, now that is a mystery until the very last minute.  These kids love the chance to dress up in whatever feels "right."  This mama, well I am looking forward to normal clothes tomorrow.  Let the fun go on for one more day!

1 comment:

Mother said...

Fun! Fun! Fun! This is a kids' day and it's great that you let them go any way they want. "Naomi in a dress"--that's classic!!!!!!


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