October 27, 2016

Disappointments That Weren't Minded Too Much

So the disappointments of Saturday started out simply with a cake mix.  Josh was home for the first time in four weeks for a normal Saturday.  We were all so very, very happy about that.
 I was starting the oven for Josh's lunch and decided to mix up a cake mix.  Seeing how I hadn't made a layered cake since last February I decided to make two rounds and decorate it, just because.  
 About this time I heard of the Alaska Federation of Natives were putting off fireworks that night.  We are pretty much a bedtime family but it sounded fun.  We hadn't seen fireworks since last new years eve and it wasn't -20, worth the effort.  Josh and I both called the visitors center and confirmed, at two different times, the location and time.  What a family outing this was going to be.  With fireworks on the brain I made my batch of frosting and we went with the theme.  What a joy for me to decorate a cake with no birthday person to surprise or disappoint.  Sort of a relief from the mama's point of view.
 The kids LOVED it.  Cake decorating with mama is so much fun.  And since we were all staying up late, extra sugar couldn't hurt too much.  
Even though bedtime is at 7 we headed to town at 9.  Fireworks were supposed to go off at 9:30.  We found a great spot.  Put up camp chairs, wrapped up the kids with tons of blankets.  Then we waited, and waited, and waited.  Finally at 9:52 we packed up and headed home.  To tell you the truth the kids were just enjoying the adventure but I was pretty disappointed.  As we got home around 10:15 we heard the fireworks go off for about four minutes as we hurried the kids inside to bed.  

Family outings, always an adventure but not something we were expecting this night at all.  When asked, the kids do say they went to see the fireworks but they just didn't get to actually see any.  To them it was an adventure with nothing much missed.  We aren't sure why the fireworks were 45 minutes late but winter solstice and new year's eve are just a few months away.  We will enjoy them then.  And maybe another cake will need to be made.

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Popeye said...

Forget the fireworks--It is about the cake.


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