October 26, 2016

Art Class

Josh has been super busy with work so art has been mostly with mama.  Not so much a lesson but I do provide kindergarten and preschool art - crayons, they are my friends.  But over the weekend Josh was home and thus he and Abigail set out to have art class.
 They talked about how before photography people used to have to be outside to paint things in the right perspective or have people pose for hours or just paint still live.  Since photography one can take a picture and then learn to paint and draw it, lighting, angles and all at home later on.  Abigail looked through our books and decided to color and paint a picture of a fawn hiding in the grass.
Ethan is not our child that is all that interested in coloring and drawing but something about this picture was super exciting to him.  He chose a book on underwater animals and this boy started and couldn't stop.  He drew sharks, fish, coral and more.  It reminded me that sometimes we might want to write, sing, draw or dance but someone needs to just give us an idea first.  

This little art project might have been just one in Abigail and Josh's art book but I have a feeling this is something the kids and I can continue to do in the days ahead.  It is so fun to see the kids creating.

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Mother said...

Stretching little creative brains. You never know...

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