October 18, 2016

Almost 6

Whenever Abigail sees someone outside of the house, known to her or stranger, she is quick to say, "I am almost 6."  Oh it saddens me, please my girl stay 5 longer.  Months longer.  Years longer.  5 has been wonderful and even though I have a few more months to hold on to it I am not ready to let it go.
 But getting older is coming.  A desire to parent her siblings, cook meals, be in charge.  These things fuel my girl.  And with all this mental growth her little being is growing too.  This girl right now doesn't have one but three loose teeth.  The first day we discovered this I will be honest, I cried.  These sweet little teeth will be gone before we know it.
This mama might be holding back but I can tell you of one happy girl that can't wait for her first visit from the elusive tooth fairy.  It will be here before we know it.

**And happy Alaska Day to all of my fellow Alaskans and state employees.  Enjoy your much deserved day off!**


mother said...

Oh how her looks will change. Those big teeth never quite seem to fit in with the others. But this is the sign of a healthy, growing girl and we are thankful for that. She is soooo cute!!!!😍🤗👏

Anonymous said...

What a super cute kid she is!

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