October 3, 2016

A Lesson On Perspective

Josh came home the other day on a more normal time than we often see in the summer/fall.  With a hour or so before dinner I asked if he would like to give Abigail an art lesson.  The thought sounded good to him but he needed to take her to a river.  The one he had in mind was just a short drive away and then a little walk.  Time with daddy is always a special thing so the younger two kids weren't too keen on seeing him drive away with Abigail after just getting home.  So with a few minutes to prep dinner we all loaded up in the car and headed out on a spontaneous family adventure.  
At the river Josh and Abigail spent the time they needed on learning the art of drawing pictures through different perspectives.  
The other two kids and I spent our time climbing the hills around the Great Alaskan Pipeline and throwing rocks into the stream.  It was relaxing, spontaneous, and made dinner just a little bit late.  Overall, one of my favorite kind of outings!

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Mother said...

Me too!! Where was that little creek??

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