September 26, 2016

The Perfect Help

After the big garden clean out my kitchen was left with the last bits.  The remaining zucchini lingered for several days until the fruit flies started to make their presence a little too known.  Even though I wasn't feeling my best it was time to preserve the last of this harvest.  When it comes to kitchen chores each child loves and is fascinated by different things.  Ethan, he loves to watch me grate just about anything.  This day, I let him help.
This boy of mine, who rarely just smiles at a camera anymore, loved his job in the kitchen.  We ended up shredding16 cups of zucchini that day.  He didn't do it all but he was a big help!  When daddy came home that night Ethan was very excited to inform him of his new achievement.  Grating - so fun for a four year old and, much to a mama's delight, safer than knives.

1 comment:

mother said...

Watch those knuckles, little man!!!! it is a joy to have helpers around the house.

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