September 30, 2016

The Alaskan Life

When we cleaned up the garden a few weeks ago we left the beets and carrots still in the ground.  As a root vegetable it wasn't as urgent to get them out and we had a lot going on.  On the same day of pulling the garden Josh pulled down the garden fence.  The plan is to expand the garden next year and give me almost 2/3rds more space to grow food in.  The main process of adding the raised beds will occur before the ground is completely thawed in the spring so getting the fence posts out now is super important.
 And the next few times the kids played outside the only place in the entire yard they wanted to play in was the garden.  The small section of our land that is off limits to them all summer long we suddenly opened and to them that was like giving them a bucket of candy.  
 But then it didn't take long for the word to get out that the fence was down.  Something about this amazing act of removing a barrier!  Our local mama moose and her two kids showed up and helped us with the last of the garden clean up.  All the tops of the beets and carrots were eaten up in no time.
What an Alaskan problem, haha.

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mother said...

Ok--moose pictures are super cool. So is he one of the kids playing in the garden. Naomi in jeer polka dotted dress. Is Ethan carrying a doll under his arm??


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