September 22, 2016

That's A Wrap For 2016

According to the calendar it just might be the beginning of Autumn but here in Fairbanks we have just about wrapped up summer and fall.
 A week and a half ago the kids helped us with the big overhaul day.  Naomi was a big "help" in getting the leaves mowed up with her mower, just like daddy.
 And Ethan didn't shy away from the garden chores even when the plants we were composting became larger then his wheel barrow.
 And as more and more zucchini, broccoli and cauliflower plants were pulled we discovered more and more pumpkins.  So fun.
 As I cleaned the garden out the kids mostly followed me around waiting for the broccoli bits, carrots, peas and occasional green beans to munch on.  Abigail was the lucky one and found the one green bean that was hidden by a pumpkin vine.  The seeds inside were big enough to plant for next year but she enjoyed the treat regardless.
Some of the garden was a success and some not so much but all of our pumpkins certainly are fun.  They are now inside growing orange and helping decorate for fall even as the temperatures drop each day.  

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