September 2, 2016

Tangle Lakes 2016

There are a lot of beautiful places in Alaska that we haven't been to but after this trip we have one more spot checked off.
 A place full of blueberries and cranberries (picking occurred all day every day because it was fun).
 A place with lakes, a river, fish, loons, swans, beavers, caribou, duck and otters and that is just what we saw in three days.
 A place high enough up in the mountains that the cranberries were ripe enough for picking, the leaves were changing colors, and the fireweed had finished its summer season.
 A place to camp where the wind blew the clouds so quickly through the sky that we experienced sun and rain frequently each day but with such - rainbows.
 But most importantly we experienced a beautiful place to camp, sleep in our tent, sit around our campfire, ride our bikes, canoe on a quiet lake, hike trails and mountains and be a family.
Life is busy and just a little bit crazy.  These few days were such a gift.

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