September 7, 2016


Tomorrow a really special little boy in this house is turning four years old.  Four years!  Will a birthday ever come that doesn't amaze me that I have been blessed to know these people from day one?  Josh and I covered the garden with traps tonight to protect from a coming frost.  I have the most vivid memories of doing the very same thing 4 years ago, big and round, caring for the garden before getting ready to go to the hospital.  Ethan's birth and the first frost.  They will always go hand in hand in my mind.  

But I am getting off topic.  Birthday preparations.  Making sure my children feel special on their birthdays is so important to me.  But on the other hand I am just not a party person.  What a balance.  Lucky for me I have learned that kids LOVE the littlest traditions and attention that can be given of their special days.  This year Ethan is going to have friends invited to his party for the first time.  It is such a big deal and we are all pretty excited for him.  With that comes the idea of keeping his little friends happy as well.
 So in addition to robot coloring sheets, having the kids make themselves into robots with boxes and a cake - we are going to have a robot piñata.  Josh, how blessed we are by his artistic skills, took these boxes I had set aside and my humm ideas and created something great.  
Once our bot was put together I stepped in and provided the paper mache to make our paintable.  Thank goodness I have the habit of keeping the fred meyer grocery ads for fire starter.  This little guy was soon covered in fruit, vegetables and more pictures.  Yesterday morning he looked so good all dry and ready for painting and detail.  Josh worked on that last night and boy is Ethan going to be pleased.  This past year has been such a huge one for Ethan.  We entered this year with a little boy who still struggled so much with expressing himself, fussed and faltered so much.  Tomorrow I will wake a four year old who talks, runs, jumps, learns, tells stories (and really, rarely stops talking) and loves with such confidence.  Three started hard but it got us to where we are, this last day of three and a new year ahead.  Preparations today will be in full swing, with my party lover Abigail at my side.  Making Ethan feel special - yeah, we can do that!


mother said...

I can feel the vibrations here in Texas. They are coming from your house as the plans are set in motion you you, Josh and Abigail. Sooo fun!!!!! Looking forward to seeing the bot all painted and detailed.

lindajo said...

Wish I was there. So hard to be so close and so far. Hug the little man for me.


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