September 13, 2016

On Turning 4

Last Thursday this family celebrated Ethan with a robot party.
 It was a fun party full of play in the tree fort, piles of fall leaves to jump in, cake, a craft and a robot piñata. 
 Finding a craft for boys can sometimes be hard but when it comes to robots we just went with what Ethan loves.  A cardboard box and crayons to make lots of buttons.  
And then for the little girls that weren't too interested in boxes, robot coloring sheets made them happy as well.
 Our mr. robot cake, covered in candy controls, was a big hit and each of the kids got the chance to pick which "button" they wished to eat.
 But the very best part of the party was how happy this little man was.  
 At the end of the day, after the friends all go, it is this little family that loved celebrating our boy and we all had so much fun.
 Marking how fast we grow and remembering where we have come.  That is always how we like to end our birthdays.
And just for fun.  

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