September 12, 2016


Last week as we ended Ethan's birthday party I finally gave in to my body that had been fighting me for several days.  This mama was sick.  The kids and I plowed through Friday but by the time Josh came home I was just about done.  Fever, cough, migraines and plain old exhaustion.  
A lot has still happened, I have a birthday party to post and remember and thoughts to share but mostly I have kept those to myself for now.  I have spent a lot of this weekend alternating between a chair, small activity, a bed, small activity and then a chair once again just observing my family.  From this weekend I will always remember my beautiful, round faced 2 year old coming up to me after coming home from church.  She was so excited to see me out of bed that she hugged me while declaring, "You all better?" over and over.  Maybe not 100% but mama is on the mend.  May the kids take it easy on me this week until things are back to normal.

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mother said...

So sorry you aren't feeling well. That old poem I've shared numerous times starts, "I needed the quiet so God called me aside. Away from the......." I know you have the care and responsibility of those 3 little ones, but I hope you can put all other thimgs aside until you are healed. Praying for you, my girl.

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