September 14, 2016

Observation of All Surroundings

One of the lessons Josh has been working with Abigail on in Art class is learning to observe the main object in a piece of art but also what the artist has surrounded the picture with as well.
Where I am NOT the art teacher here I do like when Josh gives me a run down of the class so that I can enforce the lesson through what we do each day Josh is at work.  Observing the swing set in the yard but also the trees, grass, neighbors and such is what we are going for.  Basic but the important start to seeing the whole picture.
All that being said, the kids and I have started to observe more and more in our yard.  A bug on the rock, a spiderweb on the garden fence and much the the kids delight - a grouse on a tree branch.  We came home from town about two weeks ago to a pair of grouse on a downed tree branch right by the driveway.  I ran inside to get my camera and Abigail's sketch pad and before we knew it the birds had flown.
But walking slowly and quietly the four of us crept through the yard and observed them for quite some time.  Abigail plopped right now and sketched them as soon as paper and pencil were provided.  A new favorite pastime for her.  Drawing what I see.  I love being reminded to see the details in life.  Not the sketch artist myself I take this lesson to a whole new philosophical level but love being reminded I am never too old to learn.

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