September 8, 2016

Happy Birthday To My Little Man

Ethan Hamilton, today you are four years old.
 And just like that I stop.  I stop and stare at your picture.  That smile, those eyes and nose.  How is it that I am so blessed to be called your mother?  Three times a year I write these birthday posts and they don't get any easier as you get older.  It amazes me that you are ours.  How is it God thought us lucky enough to have you?  How is that baby boy who came out blue and scared us from second one the jumping little man?  Oh, there were certainly days when you were two and even the first part of last year where we came head to head and I didn't know if you would ever be happy in our family.  We still have those days from time to time but let me tell you, 3 1/2 on has really be wonderful.  I love that hand of yours in mine.  I love how no matter how distracted you are by play you stop and say, "I love you."
 You are surrounded by sisters but certainly my little boy.  As you grow older this becomes more and more evident in all you do.  You are made special and grow just along the lines of how you need to grow.  (by the way, remember how much you loved these tiger pants and wore them ALL the time until you ripped holes in them.  Yeah I love that memory and glad I have photo documentation of you in them on your 3rd birthday.)
 And just like those pants, you have grown, stretched and burst through this past year.  Three really was the end of toddler years and four is now a full blown preschooler.  But can I just say how much I LOVE that you are a September baby and you get to wait two more years until school starts?  I have so many people asking me if you are starting preschool and where we do learn together I love watching you play.  You learn so much through your play.  Coloring, pencils, and workbooks?  Those are much too boring for this little mind right now.  Time for that later.
 You love the outdoors.  You love the snow.  You LOVE snow machines, 4-wheelers, your scooter bike, cars (especially blue ones.  Mama when I grow up I am going to have a blue house, a blue race car and a blue truck.) and mud!
 You adore legos, marbles, blocks, and balls but not necessarily for building.  You love to sort them, organize them, rearrange them.  (note Ethan isn't building at the museum in this picture but rather taking the blocks apart and putting them into the right color piles).  I often think I have found the perfect toy/activity until I see you perfectly content going over and beyond what instructions ever say to do.  Rules, way too boring!  
 For statistics sake your growth is right on track.  Yesterday I went with you to your well child visit.  
Weight:  38.6 lbs (50%)
Height:  40 5/8" (50%)

Your iron levels are a little of a concern but after your mama and your sister's blood work I am not too worried.  We will just wait and see what comes next time we check.
 I interviewed you the other day.  Here are a few of your questions and answers:

Favorite Color?  Blue
Favorite Story?  Demolition
What do you want to be when you grow up? A fireman, a daddy and a plane driver
 Favorite Toy?  My squeeze spiderman because his arm goes up and down.
Favorite thing to do?  Play
 Favorite thing to eat?  Zucchini tutor tots (why you might ask?  Well, at the moment that is what was in front of him and well, he liked them.  Are they his favorite ever?  Well I could be a prideful mother and state, YES zucchini is my four year old's favorite food, but no.  The bottom line is Ethan loves to eat.  I am told most frequently that I am a great cook and he loves what I make him.  If a plate of pasta had been in front of him for dinner I am sure that might have been his answer.  Picking his favorite food for a birthday dinner was a hard one indeed.  In the end I am surprising him and he is pretty content with that.)
 Ethan you can be a boy who is very quiet about your destruction.  One minute I think you are playing well and the next something is shredded, mashed or you are covered in blue marker.  You keep me on my toes for sure.
 Ethan you love to help.  You feel too grown up to hold my hand across a parking lot or on the road but if I ask for protection, you are there in an instant.  
 You LOVE to be the family clown and love making people laugh.  Where Abigail can be a little shy you will walk right up to people, say hi and start to show off your latest antics regardless of if it is welcomed or not.
 What is your favorite fruit?  Strawberries, mandarine oranges, watermelon (and pretty much the list can go on and on.  He LOVES fruit)
What is your favorite dessert?  Old McDonald's ice cream
 Who are your friends?  Noah, Abigail, Naomi, Molly, Jacob, and Joel
 You love your sisters.  Oh, you certainly love your time away from them and just with a parent but they are your best friends every day.  The most popular game in this house is Mama, Daddy and Baby.  Different people take different roles frequently.
 As I mentioned I love that your days are full of play.  Homeschool with Abigail is great and you do your 5 minutes of calendar time with us each day very well.  But then you are ready to head out.  Wiggle, throw, jump and play.  Those are what fuel you right now.
 Each day I met by Super Ethan.  He will come (the bandana over the face is the mask) and save the day from Giants, monsters, and bad guys alike.  When present he is super helpful, protective and can run REALLY, REALLY fast.  Pants are usually present but not always necessary.  Cape - A must!
I have to say my little man I love this right here.  This start of 4.  This new year ahead holds so much.  This year you will be a cubby at AWANA.  You will start to do more chores and grow as a member of the family.  Four will be a time of more understand and I pray, more love.  You are probably going to break away from your sisters more towards other little boys and you will also help to be the glue that holds my three together.  The Lord has blessed us greatly with you and you are loved!


Popeye said...

This may seem long but it is hard to sum up four years in just a picture or two--Happy Birthday Ethan!!

grandma said...

Ethan, You are a wonderful, special boy. You certainly make your family just perfect!!!! 4 is a super year!!!


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