September 27, 2016

Field Trip Into Fairbanks' History

The other day the kids and I wanted to get out of the house.  I had been so sick and needing to just the basics each day that, even though I didn't feel too much better, we all needed a change.  School has been going well but I wanted to fit a few field trips in before winter came and this seemed like a good day to do it.  After rest time the kids and I headed out about 10 miles away from home to the Felix Pedro monument.  
Felix Pedro, the first to discover and claim gold in the Fairbanks area in 1902 thus starting the great Fairbanks Gold Rush.  On this afternoon the kids learned about what a monument was, who Felix was, saw pictures of original Fairbanks, and learned about how people and supplies were transported in 1902 before trains were brought in.  There was even information to share with them about how new methods of gold extraction were discovered since so much of the gold was frozen into permafrost.  
After our little journey down history lane, we walked across the street to Pedro Creek where that first gold was discovered and we all played in the water for a hour.  I dream big dreams of showing the kids the world someday but days like this help remind me that so often there is so much to enjoy and learn in our very own backyards.  

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