September 29, 2016

Farm Life

Last week the kids and I were able to go on a little field trip with our Mooseketeers group.
 It just so happened to be the coldest, rainiest and windiest day we have had yet this fall.  But regardless, the kids did have fun.
 We wandered around a local farm and the kids learned how plants grow, the kids already knew most of those answers.
 Even though we have a big garden, bees and chickens I don't think the kids realize other people don't live like that.  So all the kids in the group learned.  And even though it was cold the kids loved getting to pull and pick vegetables to eat and give to the animals.
The animals, now that is what we are missing at our little homestead.  After the visit Abigail informed me that she just has to have something soft and cuddly.  It is essential.  Try and I might to explain that raising three kids at their ages is enough of a chore she doesn't understand how I can't see this critical importance.  She stated to me the other day, "Mama, I love horses and need a horse.  If I can't have one I just have to have a bunny rabbit."  Oh my dear, in all due time I promise.  

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mother said...

Those coats and mittens make me chilly. Brrrr. Cute pup-pup coat for Miss Naomi.

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