September 16, 2016

Contained and Content

One of the hardest parts of homeschooling is keeping Naomi and Ethan happy.  Working with Abigail, I can do that all day.  Making sure my other two don't feel neglected or pushed away, a daily challenge.  Keeping these two little people happy is something that I have to change and adapt to each day depending on their moods, how they are interacting together, what time of day we are doing school and more.
But the best situation I have found is to bring the kid's pool inside to the living room, fill it with a toy of some sort (legos, marbles, cars, blocks, and more) and ask that they stay in the pool with the toys.  This plan doesn't always work but it is successful more times then not.  One the kids are contained, two the toys are contained and three the clean up is easy.  I make sure and clean up the toy as soon as school is done and thus leaving a little bit of longing for those small manipulative toys until the next day of school.  Balance - that is what we are figuring out here. 

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Mother said...

Very clever.

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