September 23, 2016

Art With Daddy

Homeschool is going well here at this house.  Josh and I, as well as Abigail, are still all pleased with how things are going and that is a good thing to write as we are about two months in.  All of the kids and I "do school" mostly in the morning, but sometimes into the afternoons.  We work on writing, reading, math, spanish, learning about the world and such.  Art, we leave that up to daddy.
 And what a good artist, daddy and teacher he is.  Since he is incharge of art class it is mostly on the weekends and in the evenings.  Usually I will pull Ethan and Naomi away to something else and the two can have class.  But sometimes an art project outside of the "teaching book" will come to Josh's mind and sometimes that means everyone can join in.
 Josh read a library book to the kids the other day where all of the illustrations were made of trash.  Pieces of trash put together to make up the pictures for the story.  He loved the idea.
So with labels off cans, egg cartons, beads, buttons, scraps of cardboard, and so much more, the kids created art.  I love that I am not part of art time.  I come and admire.  I help with supplies.  I encourage.  But that is where Josh and the kids go from and I get to sit back and smile.  Art with daddy, always fun.

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Popeye said...

That is right--the classroom teacher teachers the core program and then they take the kids to Art. You guys are doing great.

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