August 3, 2016

Worth The Effort

When you are the mother of kids, one or more, you weigh the options before doing most anything.  The question of run into the store while solo or when you have your children often result in two different answers.

So when I go on vacation with the kids solo there are often a lot of, yeah we better not, answers.  Lucky for me and my kids, my friend Heather is around a lot of kids a lot.  Since she lives on a Coast Guard base she is often not only taking care of her three kids but someone else's also.  Thus adding my three into the mix didn't prevent us from doing what we were going to do but instead just added to the fun.
 Like reminding 4 little people the rules of biking (her girls do this all the time on these streets.  My kids with our gravel road don't get as much experience) around a military base.  My kids had to be instructed in things they have never experienced before.  Such as, if the red lights are flashing in front of this really big "road" it means don't cross because this is actually a runway and a plane is about to take off or land.
 But in the end the bike ride brought us right to a beach full of WWII artifacts and beach glass to collect.
Driving, taking a ferry, visiting a friend with kids, taking 6 kids biking, venturing out.  Is it worth the effort?  Always the question and when I take the time to say yes I "almost" never regret it.  Watching the kids with their special bags of treasures, seeing Abigail achieve biking without training wheels, watching the kids laugh and interact while the mountains and the ocean surrounded us.  Worth the effort - yes, most certainly yes.

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