August 17, 2016

We Have Begun

Trying to blog in chronological order is very hard sometimes.  To make sure those pictures from our trip to southern Alaska were posted while crazy new things were happening here, so hard.  But for future sake of rereading the blog someday I am glad I do it that way.  All that being said, big things are happening here in our little home.  All the local kids in Fairbanks, Alaska are loading up on big school buses today and starting their first days of school
 But we started two weeks ago.  August 1, 2016 my little girl became a big kindergartener.  We have been reading books, writing letters, playing math games and more for a long time but now it has a title and a purpose.  The first day of school was so exciting.  Abigail dressed up in a favorite outfit for the day but then was able walk into our "school room" barefoot.  Love that!
Each morning finds us busy.  Learning the calendar, our math, reading, writing, spanish, art and more.  A few people asked me why I started when I did.  If I could start anytime why not push it to September or even October.  Well, to tell you a truth, while the kids were sort of oblivious of what was about to happen, I was a nervous mess.  I didn't sleep well for days leading up to school and for my nerves we just need to start and see that it did really work, and work well.  I have slept so much better since August 1st that is for sure.  Plus it sure will be nice to be done earlier in the spring next year too.  Don't mind that at all.  School at home, school with our siblings, school with our toes bare. That is us.

The end of the first day Abigail gave me a huge hug and said, "Mama I am just so happy we started school and you are my teacher.  Thank you so much."  Will she always feel this way?  I am sure not but she does now and for that I am thankful.

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mother said...

Just precious. First days are to be celebrated, for sure. Beginnings of new and great things ahead--no shoes required.

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