August 1, 2016


The idea for our big July trip started almost a year ago when my best friend, who lived in North Carolina, called to say they "might" be moving back to Alaska.  Oh, to have a dear friend reachable.  What a wonderful thought.  So once their feet touched down in Alaska in February we have been planning a time when we could get together, with our crazy band of kiddos.  This was it.
Kodiak, Alaska 2016 
5 1/2 days, 6 nights
6 kids with number 7 set to arrive in December
2 mamas
One huge and beautiful island
A large quantity of food to be prepared and served each day
Activities to be enjoyed
Bikes to be ridden
And memories to be made.

1 comment:

mother said...

Each child is assigned a rock to sit on. Very cute.


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