August 8, 2016

The Woods - The Adventure

Today is my dear friend Heather's birthday.  It is fun to think of our visit together as I work through pictures for the blog.  As much as I miss her today it is fun to think that I gave her her birthday gift in person just a few weeks ago.  

Our visit to Kodiak brought me a lot of surprises.  I didn't expect to see a place like it was.  My imagination left it extremely lacking compared to what I was presented with.
The mountains and the oceans were wonderful but its was the in-between that we explored the most and it took my breath away.  
The big discovery for the kids on our first hike was the sweet bounty of the island - salmon berries.  Big like blackberries but a little more tart.
Another friend of Heather's and her kids were on the ferry over the Kodiak the day we were.  So the first two days of our visit we had an expanded crew.  Hiking around Kodiak was 3 mamas, 8 kids and one dog.  We carried bear bells and bear spray but honestly our crew had not trouble with the "make lots of noise to scare the bears away" part of the equation.  
Each day with Heather and the kids were so special to me as a friend.  As a mom I really loved the chance to show my kids a new part of the amazing state they live in.
Kodiak is often a rainy island but we were so blessed by sunshine a lot of our visit and it brought so much outdoor joy.
Kodiak, just a fun place to be.  Friends, adventures, breath taking, wild, and, much to Abigail's joy, full of climbable trees. 

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