August 12, 2016

Recovery And Home

We spent quite a few days in Soldotna with Josh's parents before our trip to Kodiak.  Thus the original plan was to take the ferry back to Homer, drive north to Soldotna, rest up for a day and then head on home.  Needless to say sickness changed all of those plans.  As I wrote in my blog post a month ago, we were sick but lucky to have grandparents and a house to get better in.  Conversations with Josh told us that he was working crazy long hours and wasn't around to help us get better and plus - Fairbanks was rainy (super wet) and Soldotna was a little bit of summer sunshine  heaven.
 So we stayed.  We were quarantined from all other people, mostly kids, and what better place then Grammie and Grandpa's house where we don't expect to play with friends because the grandparents are who these kids want to see.  The yard was sunny, the 4-wheelers were a safe place for a ride and the lake was around the corner for time in the evenings to cool off.  The river had a few salmon running and I got to go soak my blistered feet in the river as Josh's dad and I spent time catching fish. Let me tell you it was really a great way to recover from a sickness I never wish on anyone!
 It was a great time to recover but how thankful we were when we could finally swallow again, our fevers were gone and this mama felt strong enough to take on the 500 miles of road that laid ahead.  Funny thing was that just as we were getting ready to go north a wild land forest fire broke out along the road closing down the one road that takes all travelers on and off of the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska.  This happened Monday, we were contemplating traveling home on Tuesday, Tuesday night the road reopened and with our health and prayers for an open road we headed north Wednesday mid-day.  As we got close to the fire area the kids thought it great fun that we got to see sling loads of water being lifted out of the ocean by helicopters on our left and dropped onto the fire up in the valley on the right.  Forgive a hard to detect picture.  I was driving the truck at the time. 
Two and a half weeks we were gone.  We had had a great trip with grandparents, friends, new adventures and seeing new parts of Alaska.  But at the same time we missed Josh, the garden and friends back north in Alaska, Alaska.  Homeward bound we were.  Healthy and ready to take on the rest of our summer in the land of the midnight sun.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful reflections of gratitude and a positive spirit during a super rough sickness- way to go super mom!

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