August 15, 2016

Just In Time

We returned from Soldotna just in time to join in the fun with our local library.  How we love our library.  Each summer they put on a great summer reading program.  At the end there is always a costume parade around our local Pioneer park.  The kids think it is so much fun to get to dress up and join in.
 This year we had a Butterfly herding talent fairy from Neverland, pirate Ethan and a University of Texas cheerleader.  So fun.
We also came back just in time for the garden to start kicking out the wonders of the year.  We have over 20 gallon bags of chopped and blanched broccoli, 7 of romanesco and 4 of cheddar cauliflower in our big chest freezer for the winter ahead.  The broccoli and the cauliflower are still a coming, slower but still going.

  The picture from above is actually part of a friend's harvest.  On the verge of having a baby I asked what I could do for her.  She was managing the garden work fine but by the time she got to the kitchen she was tired out.  So one day I stopped by and picked up a huge tub of her produce, brought it home, cut it up, blanched it and returned it to her freezer.  It is so great when I want to help and I can find that thing that really does help.  Garden harvest time means a whole lot of kitchen work!

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mother said...

You are a kind and thoughtful friend, my dear.

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