August 16, 2016

Filling Up

You can judge a year by so many calendars.  The sun, the weather, the dates printed on the wall calendar, the animal migrations and much more.  One way we judge our years is by the pantry.  Fall the jars are full and ready, winter things are thinning out, by spring we are searching the back for the few last items and by summer the pantry is full of empty jars.  
 This is the time of year when I always look and say, why do we have so many jars?  Do we really use this many?
But soon I am singing a different tone and am contemplating where I can get more.  Due to the large amount of work I have been doing I haven't been able to take pictures of everything but I do have numbers.  

With the salmon given to us by my in-laws I canned up 25 pints and added that to the few quarts I had canned this past spring.  

Two days later I started cooking down the chicken bones left over from butcher week.  15 brought in 5 1/2 gallons of canned chicken broth and 16 cups of cooked chicken meat to freeze.  Only 30 more carcasses to go but I will have to wait for more canning jars!

And then with the canner still out on my counter I started into the green beans.  33 quarts of green beans have been cut and processed for our pantry.  

It was with great relief that after having my big pressure canner out for a week and a half it is now put away.  So many of those late canning nights I almost didn't do the blog posts that were put up at the time.  Days of canning are tiring, plain and simple.  The joy of eating food we caught, raised and grew all year long.  Worth each ounce of weariness.  


lindajo said...

Looks so pretty too. I did a few jars of beets. After all the meat and beans ( dried kind) having the color is wonderful. Running out of jars is a bummer though.

Anonymous said...

Wow you are quite a worker this time of year. I bet you could use freezer bags by ziplok for the broth too.

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