August 11, 2016

Farewell From The Top

Back before kids I used to work for the Department of Natural Resources for the State of Alaska.
 As Abigail was growing I was given the case of leasing land for a wind farm near Healy, Alaska.  The only other time a wind farm of this size had been put on state land was a lease on Kodiak Island. The time I worked on the Healy lease I read and studied a lot about this area of state land on Kodiak.
 Never at that time did I imagine I would ever get to go to Kodiak and see that wind farm in action.  From Heather's house we could see the mountain top with the turbines each day and they always caused me to pause and think about how different things are now then six years ago when I was reading that file.
 I love how this picture shows six of those things all in one shot!  Each day we were together we tried to take a picture of all six of our kids.  As it turned out we didn't get a good one until finally this last morning.  Even though the kids and I were already sick, feverish and set for a long ferry ride ahead a picture was achieved.  
So that last morning on the island we packed our bags and took one more road trip adventure.  To the top of the mountains, to the wind turbines and to take in the view of the island from one more point.  This last morning.  A time before I realized how sick we really were, a last time to hug my dear friend and say good-bye, a last time to look at the cool and amazing place that Kodiak is, and one last time to say, "we will see each other soon, we will make that happen!"

Kodiak, Alaska July 2016 - a big adventure for sure, I am so glad we made it!


mother said...

I almost feel like I was there with you. I am crazy about those wind turbines. Once again, on our recent drive back to Texas, we saw one blade being transported on the interstate. One blade--so extremely long and curved in a delicate way. I stared as we passed the truck that carried it--as long as an airplane. When gazing at the blades slowly and silently turning in a distance I could never believe each blade was so very, very long. They fascinate me.
Little Naomi and Samuel look like the cutest twins.
So thankful you had this visit. It took effort, planning, money and time. But worth it all.

Anonymous said...

That is really cool that you saw the site that you had studied years ago- did they put the wind farm up in Healy yet?

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