August 29, 2016

Day of Beauty

This summer has been on the rainy side.  So when the sun shined the other day I declared it was a day of beauty.
Abigail was super excited to have her hair washed in the sink ( just like a fancy beauty shop) and head outside for her yearly haircut.
And even though I am no a beautician I can cut a straight line, for the most part.  Even though her hair need up about two inches shorter then planned she LOVES her new haircut.  
Ethan wasn't left out at all either.  I love the deck and sunny days for haircuts.  A broom to the deck floor and the mess is gone.  A fresh look for all, that feels good.

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Mother said...

Hair looks great!! Stringy ends gone and it looks styled. Nice job. I doubt i need to remind you of all the haircuts I gave you and your siblings--all the way thru college. haha ALWAYS ended up shorter than planned as I tried to even the sides. And the worst word you hated to hear me say..."oops!" Outside beauty shop in the summer and down by the warm woodstove in the winter. Fun memories from this post. Thanks.


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