August 9, 2016

Berry Picking In History

Our first day of hiking was so full of "lets stop for the berries" that we decided for the second day we would go on a berry picking expedition.  
Armed with buckets this kids took on those salmon berries and had so much fun.
And Aunt Heather also took us to a cool place to do it!  Fort Abercrombie was used during WWII as a defense against the Japanese.  Seeing the tanks, and guns still in place, even though the area is now a National park, was fun for us all.  A little lost on the kids but this mama sure did enjoy the history.  

Heather choice of where she lives is dictated by her husband's job with the coast guard but it fits her so well.  A marine biologist by education and employment makes her the best person to visit the coast with.  These kids learned so much.  

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Anonymous said...

I love all the pictures of the kids so close in age. They have similar mama's that teach them about the same things of the world... one picture has an extra kid... where did she come from?


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