August 22, 2016

A Trade

One fun this has come out of the garden this year.  Living where so many of my friends also garden we often do the great garden compare.  How is this grown, how about that.  My zucchini are large but your cauliflower came a week earlier then mine.  Thus I feel this summer has been one of trades.  The kids and I picked raspberries one week.  I made them into a pie and we traded them for a friend's peas.  Her plants were overwhelming while mine were just struggling along.  Another friend had chicken and eggs so I traded romanesco for that and we both went home happy.  
Having a garden and giving produce away is fun.  No trading is necessary between friends.  But when you can give for something that is given.  I find that fun.  For both of us a need has been filled.  Yet the peas still have to be shelled...thus the preserving work of this season goes on.

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mother said...

Trading is a perfect idea!!!

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