July 1, 2016

Thoughts On A National Holiday Weekend

Happy Birthday America.  As the kids get older the holidays are more and more important and so much more fun to celebrate.  The fourth of July in the Klynstra house will certainly have a birthday cake, talk of 1776 and a list of things we are thankful being American provides us with.  
What it will not have is fireworks.  When you live in the land of the midnight sun we only have fireworks on winter solstice (december 21st) and New Years Eve (December 31st).  The dark, cold part of our year.  But you better believe that our town gets a deal on those fireworks because even though we view them in December instead of July you better believe they are all red, white and blue. Enjoy the long weekend, I know we are so thankful Josh will be with us for three whole days.  Summer goes fast, I hope these next three days go slow.


Mother said...

Those little planters on the railing are super cute. What do you have planted in them?

Anonymous said...

Great shot of the garden with the flag... very creative!

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