July 12, 2016

Thoughts On Motherhood

When you wake up as a mother there is more then one to do list to dictate the day.  Where I might have something in mind three little people also wake up with thoughts in their heads.
The other morning was one of those days where I was busy getting things done but needed to stop and face a very frustrated child.  Abigail is big into fixing hair these day.  My scalp has been abused many times of late but more often it is her dolls that get the most of beauty shop.  Well, on this particular morning she had about had it with Emily's tangled hair.
Lucky for me google helped and we got to advance her typical beauty shop to include detangling hair.  Who knew Emily had such beautiful hair, I should have taking a before picture, and I got a good reminder that stopping what needs to be done to save a 5 year old's day is always worth it.  

1 comment:

mother said...

That is certainly a head of hair on that doll!!!! I detangled one of Gigi's dolls a while back and used conditioner. Wondering what you used?

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