July 8, 2016

Tea Party

We had quite the event occur at our house the other day.  It all resulted for two different reasons.  One is that Abigail loves to plan things.  We have parties, travel, shopping trip and more happen for her brother, sister and toys daily.  If I stepped in and helped any of these imagination parties become bigger deals we would spend all of our time celebrating and preparing.  So most of the time I let her go on it herself and she is happy.  But every once and awhile we do make one of her plans a slightly bigger deal and it becomes memorable.

The second reason is because this summer I am being stared in the face everyday that Abigail is starting kindergarten and she is growing up.  I am trying to embrace the childhood within our house a little this summer then ever before.
So when Abigail came to me and said she wanted to plan a tea party for when a friend visited we went with it.  She made a huge list of things we needed.  Cups, cookies, flowers, cards, dolls, table clothes, crowns, cups, balloons, and so, so, so much more.  The next morning we got ready.  When our friend Izzy arrived we got ready with it all.  Making your own crown to wear to the party is pretty fun.
And then we brought out our picnic table to the yard, set out our table cloth and best tea party dishes.
The food that comes to a tea party is one of the most important parts.
Lucky for us it was a sunny day and perfect for our outdoor party where all of us were dressed in our best.
And for the tea party entertainment Abigail picked out all books that had the themes of tea parties and wearing crowns.  It was a magical morning for sure.

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Mother said...

This is simply a classic, marvelous post. What a joyous time. Loved seeing all the crowns and pretty dishes and tablecloth and tea pot. Many of these things I recognize--;-) Even mama looks fancy in her tea party dress. Abigail must have been over the moon!


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