July 25, 2016

Summer Memories

We are officially back in Fairbanks.  (This is also known as Alaska-Alaska to the kids.  When I tell them that Soldotna and Kodiak were also Alaska they say, "Oh, we know.  Those were Alaska but home in Fairbanks, why that is Alaska-Alaska."  I guess to kids telling them that traveling 600 miles by car and almost 12 hours on a ferry keeps you all within the same state seems like too much to take in.  I have shown them countless maps but still.  Fairbanks, home, daddy and all - that is Alaska-Alaska). 
 And now that we are back in Alaska-Alaska I have started sorting through all the many pictures I have from our trip.  Oh digital age.  And as I look through the hundreds I think back to these days we spent in southern Alaska with a smile.  It was summer memories that I dream of giving my kids.
 There were certainly rainy days but for the most part the sun shined, the hot dogs were roasted, the perfect art of cooking a marshmallow was mastered, beaches were wandered, friends were discovered, bikes were used all day (even in just a bathing suit), fishing brought suntans, new places were seen and summer childhood memories were created.
 At home we have the garden (so overgrown and in need of attention), bills, friends, our library and usual activities.  We have rain, cool weather and feelings of concern that maybe we missed summer here.
 Yet even as the weather is cool today we know the month of August is around the corner and more summer to come.  But regardless of what tomorrow holds, time in "alaska" was great.
Lots of memories, stories and pictures to share.  Our health has returned, we have come home, the bags are unpacked and our normal routine is being rediscovered.  Alaska was great but Alaska-Alaska, now that is home.

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Mother said...

Whew!! So glad you are back to blogging. I was sensing some withdrawal anxiety. These are happy pictures and it seems Ethan has roasted the perfect and "normal" marshmallow. I'm glad you made awesome memories and are now home in Alaska-Alaska.

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